Jumbo Roll

Jumbo Roll

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Stretch film

Jumbo Roll of stretch wrap is a raw material (semi-finished product) for individual manufacturing of packing stretch wrap of optimal width, thickness and reeling. The final product manufactured of Jumbo Rolls is a manual or machine stretch wrap. Rewinding of Jumbo Rolls for individual purposes will allow you obtaining stretch wrap which will fit most your manufacture.

Technical characteristics of Jumbo Rolls are:

1. density, micron: from 8 to 50

2. width, mm: 500

3. length, m: 4000

4. stretching operational range, %: 300

5. weight, kg: 35

We have a possibility of flexographic printing in the form of logo, contact and other information.

Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.