Jumbo rolls

Jumbo rolls

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Jumbo rolls (jumbo – big) - is a huge bobbin with polypropylene tape winded around it with already applied adhesive component. The width of such roll, as a rule, is approximately 1.28 m, and length is – from 4000 m. Due to a molecular compound of glue with PP base, the adhesion level of this tape is extremely high. Produced sticky tape by us in huge bobbins possesses a high level of resistance to temperature falls, tear proof and may be used under the conditions of increased humidity and dustiness.Specifications:1. Density, Вµm: 8 to 502. Width, mm: 12803. Length, m: 40004. Effective range of stretching, %: 3005. Colour: transparent, colourWe have a possibility of flexographic printing, contact and other information.

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