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Stretch film

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Stretch film

Stretch film is the best practical and versatile packing material of new generation with decent advantages and low price. Stretch film is one of the strongest packing materials, which suits best for packing and preserving goods while transporting, storing, protection against external impact, as well as it is good for packing food products.  Consequently it is divided into technical and nutritive stretch. Using technical stretch film is applied in different manufacturing areas, distributing facilities, in everyday life, while transporting helping facilitating loading-unloading works and saving time for packing; its high resistance to perforation, tearing and cracks explains the reason of its increasing demand on the market. Without applying stretch film can't run any manufacturing facility of food industry as it is very practical and efficient at packing food products. Nowadays, almost all industries use stretch wrap.

Stretch film possesses an ability of stretching without altering width with following effort to restore its form facilitating handling of end products at warehouses at while transporting various goods.  One of important performance characteristics of pallet stretch film is the value of initial tension (prestretch), i.e. value for which can be stretched the wrap if winding pallets ensuring guaranteed fastening and integrity of goods without damaging the film. In general, manual pallet stretch films have prestretch value of 70-100%, and with machine pallet stretch films this value is 100-300%.

A unique feature of stretch film is viscosity of layers to each other.  Due to this feature the layers adjoin each other while winding, forming tight packing. In general, stretch film is used for packing and fixing cargoes on pallets, as well as packing long products by means of rotating helical winding.

According to the type of packing stretch film can be divided into manual and machine. Manual stretch film is applied on manual devices (dispensers) and machine stretch film is used on special machine facilities (palletizers), equipped with various wrap stretching systems. 


Packing stretch film has high physical and mechanical features (reverse recovery after 300% stretching) and high economic efficiency at its applying. Multi-layer structure of the film ensures incredible strength of packing material and its high stretching.

Stretch film has perfect performance characteristics, it suits perfectly for packing heavy cargoes protecting it against deformations and damage.
Packing has high elasticity allowing fix the cargo firm and sure during transporting. It is applied for preventing sliding of products of pallets and protects against atmospheric precipitations. Additonal strength of fixing is achieved by means of solid adjacency of cargo by wrap, penetrating even into clearances. It allows considering stretch wrap the best packing solution while transporting, storing and warehousing of goods.

High technical level of manufacturing equipment ensures production of high-quality stretch film which complies with parameters of technical conditions TУ У 25.2-31617387-001-2009. Packing production is certified according to ISO 9001 standard and sanitary and epidemiological inspection report on safety of its using.  It is recommended to store stretch film in a closed dry place at temperature from 0°С to +35°С. Stretch film is desirable to be used at temperature from +10°С to +35°С. Viscosity of the stretch film can be significantly influenced by the environment temperature (very low or very high temperature), impact by direct sunlight, rain, dirt and dust. 


  1. The film has high physical and mechanical values and function of reverse recovery after 300% stretching ensuring economic efficiency of the packing
  2. High durability of stretch film against perforation, tearing and cracks.
  3. Using the stretch film helps saving time for the goods packing.

Technical features for manual and machine stretch film:

1. density, micron: from 8 to 50

2. width, mm: 500

3. length, m: optional for customer

4. stretching operational range, %: 300

5. durability, MPa: 20-25

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