Double-Sided Special Tapes

Double-Sided Special Tapes

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Double-Sided Special Tapes

Double-sided sticky tape – is a unique, practical and also comfortable material in use, which perfectly fits to patch, design and packing of various articles. Furthermore, the double-sided sticky tapes has found its application during assembly and fitter's works.

Double-sided scotch tape has polypropylene base to which universal adhesive layer on the basis of artificial rubber is pasted on both sides due to which high indexes of material bondability and strength are reached. Siliconize paper is glued to the sticky base on the outside preventing tape adhesion to other articles and protecting it against dust ingress or other contaminations.

In accordance with the research data, this product is highly stable and adhesive, in view of this material is often used during repair works. Universal tape with sticky base may be applied for floor coverings fixation, such as carpet flooring or linoleum. It is possible to avoid flanging of covering edges by means of the scotch tape as well as their shift while in use. Moreover, the sticky tape is capable to fix articles not only in horizontal state and in vertical one as well, so this material may be used to fasten exhibition elements, tablets, photo frames and other things having light construction.

However, the double-sided sticky tape is mostly used in domestic needs. By means of this material one may easily fix articles made of paper, pressboard, plastic, polyfoam, etc.

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Product item
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Double-Sided Special Tapes 

DPP505050mm*50m 36HOT MELTindustrial tape
DPPDE501550mm*15m36HOT MELT

installation of floor coverings

DCTCA501250mm*12m36SOLVENTlaying linoleum and carpet

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