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Warning tape

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Warning Tape

Warning tape – is an integral component for quick fencing arrangement in the places of road vehicle accidents, danger zones, thus, not requiring high investments. The principal function of this tape is to give signals about zone insecurity, which is surrounded, at the right moment.


The manufacturers use special materials including element capable to reflect light in order to produce warning tape. Due to this feature, signal fencing of this type is possible to use in the daytime and night time as well. Warning light reflecting tape may notify a person about dangerous zone even during hours of darkness, which is better to bypass. Colour components of the tape will not burn down under the scorching rays of the sun. And owing to its strong structure, this fencing element may be used more than once. Moreover, this tape is unexposed to low temperatures, it is elastic and firm.

Warning tape is very convenient in use. It will be easily placed in the boot of any vehicle. The tape is not "afraid" of any weather conditions, whether it is sultry heat or severe frost. When becoming soiled the warning tape of this type may be cleaned with a wet cloth or even rinsed under water not fearing of article to break or lose colour.

Special roller to which tape is winded around facilitating the use of this warning enclosure. Using the roller one can quickly unwind or wind the tape, thus, saving time, nevertheless, every second is valuable in case of accidents.

As a rule, it is required to spend much time in order to purchase the warning tape as this fencing element can be hardly found hardly in each shop. If you wish to save your precious time, look no further. You may order in our Company not only the warning tapes as well as many other packing and consumable production. We will assist you in saving your money and time!

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Warning tape

WT5010030mkm*50mm*100m12white-red/ black-yellow
WT5020030mkm*50mm*200m6white-red/ black-yellow
WT7510030mkm*75mm*100m12white-red/ black-yellow
WT7520030mkm*75mm*200m6white-red/ black-yellow


Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.