Anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tape

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Anti-Slip Tape

Do you reside in a private house? Or do you have your own business? For example, Fitness Club, small clothing boutique, hairdressing salon, etc.? Perhaps, you are the owner of a large shop complex? Then, you face with a problem for sure in the season from autumn to spring how to protect yourself, your employees or potential customers against injuries, which often are the fault of slippery stairs.

Certainly you may use sand, cooking salt or carpet floorings which will not secure against sliding in most cases. Moreover, sand and salt get inside the premise and, indeed, these elements of "insurance" will not improve the state of customers' footwear, and the problem still remains acute.

So, anti-slip tape will assist in these cases. This protective material may be of different graininess, different colour, and all is produced aiming at ensuring comfortable and safe moving in bad weather.

Abrasive anti-slip tapes are used in the places being characterised by intensive flow of people. Availability of such tape releases the owners of the shops, gyms and other establishments from thinking over the safety of its customers. Due to unshowy design tape may fit in interior of any premise. It may be easily applied to majority surfaces arranging qualitative and secure protection against sliding in a few moments.

Anti-slip tape has a strong and wear resistant base due to which it is capable to stand in different weather conditions over extended periods. Sticky base provided for tape fastening is highly adhesive with the surface to which tape is pastes, thus, the owners of public establishments shall not worry about this protection element to come unstuck at the most inappropriate moment.

Take care of your safety and security of your customers right now ordering anti-slip tape in our Company. Moreover, you may find a lot of other production of general use in our Company, which, to the point, differs by ideal ration of price and quality!


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Anti-slip tape

    AS25525mm*5m 48Solvent emulsion

Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.