Metalized tape

Metalized tape

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Metalized Tape

Metalized tape is a sticky scotch manufactured by means of aluminium spray coating to the solid polypropylene base. Due to its structure, metalized sticky tape possess strength properties, it differs by wear resistance as well as capacity to reflect infra-red and ultraviolet radiation. By sphere of use, the metalized sticky tape is possible to compare with aluminium sticky tape, however, there is a distinction between them. Metalized scotch tape is capable to stand up to 80°С.

This consumable material has a great deal of advantages, the essential of which are the following:

  • high indexes of wear resistance and tensile breaking strength;
  • capability to reflect ultraviolet and heat radiation;
  • high level of track with surface to which scotch tape is stuck;
  • perfect hermeticity and insulation features;
  • capability to protect material against aggressive external irritants;
  • capability to resist moisture and high temperatures;
  • high degree of reliability and service life.

Metalized sticky tape is produced in terms of unique technology providing this material with perfect performance characteristics. By reason of its universality, the tape is possible to use in solving practically all production tasks, therefore, widening the range of application in such industrial fields as:

  • panels joining and strengthening;
  • sealing pipes' joining seams;
  • construction, assembly and repair works;
  • vapour seal and heat insulation works;
  • pressurization of air piping system;
  • sealing of case-shaped parts and sanitary engineering systems;
  • assembly works in the system of ventilation and conditioning;
  • fixation of surfaces with metallic spraying;
  • surfaces protection and equipment against pollution, steam and corrosion.

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Metalized tape

МЕТ481548mm*15m 48Acrylic emulsionmultifunctional
МЕТ483048mm*30m48Acrylic emulsionmultifunctional

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