Aluminium Reinforced Tape

Aluminium Reinforced Tape

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Aluminium Reinforced Tape

Reinforced aluminium tape is manufactured on the basis of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), special polyethylene, adhesive layer being reinforced by special textile fibre. Polyethylene coating enables protection of reinforced scotch tape against moisture ingress due to which this material may be used for sealing joint pipes, gaps, welded and soldering seams, etc.

Aluminium scotch tape, reinforced by special fibber, is used for packing and serves as a protective layer keeping from moisture ingress to the packed items. This material possesses a high tenacity and wear resistance to break due to which the tape is possible to use for packing large volume of shipping ducts. Furthermore, the aluminium scotch tape on the reinforced base is used for test sealing of goods considering that it seems to be impossible to open the package not damaging the tape integrity.

By means of reinforced tape it is possible to fix canvas covers, hoses and pipelines as well as to strengthen screening and insulation materials. Quite often the aluminium scotch tape is used for fixing protection of cardboard and carpet floorings with polyethylene coating.

Advantages of reinforced aluminium tape:

  • increased adhesion level with various kinds of covering;
  • tear proof to deterioration;
  • keeps out water, fat and oil;
  • capacity to reflect ultraviolet rays;
  • has flexible base, non-deflecting while in service;
  • able to protect surface against external atmospheric negative impacts;
  • tape is composed of solvents;
  • resistance to various temperature conditions (from -40°С to +150°С);
  • facilitates prevention of moisture ingression when applied outdoor;
  • durable;
  • prevents progress of corrosion.

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 Aluminium REINFORCED Tape

ALRE502570 mkm*50mm*25m  48HOT MELT

repair-insulation, enhanced

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