Functional Aluminium Tape

Functional Aluminium Tape

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Functional Aluminium Tape

Aluminium functional tape is manufactured on the basis of PVC, polyethylene and adhesive layer. Special polyethylene layer ensures an appropriate protection against moisture ingress preventing possible break of aluminium scotch tape due to which this tape may be used for work applicable to seal joint pipes, gaps, seams, etc.

Aluminium tape is used for packing of general-purpose goods and items and serves as a protective element preventing moisture ingress to the packed items. Functional aluminium scotch tape is highly adhesive and wear resistant to breaks, whereby the tape can be easily used to seal loads of heavy weight. In addition to all, aluminium tape is applied as control package of goods; hence, this material allows to protect items of transportation against "unplanned" opening.

By means of functional aluminium scotch tape it is possible to renovate any canvas covers, pipelines and rubber articles as well as safely secure screening and isolation surfaces. Aluminium tape is often used to fasten and protect carpet and cardboard coverings having polyethylene base.

Among the advantages of functional aluminium tape there are the following:

  • enhanced degree of adhesion with materials of all kinds;
  • keeps out water, oils and fat;
  • tear proof to deterioration;
  • flexible, thus, it does not deform while in operation;
  • keeps from UV rays;
  • protects surfaces against external aggressive impacts;
  • does not contain in its composition any solvents;
  • provided with wide temperature operating conditions ranging from -40°С to +150°С;
  • when operating outside ensures a reliable protection against corrosion.

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FUNCTIONAL Aluminium Tape


ALPRO502570mkm*50mm*25m 48SOLVENTindustrial-engineering class 
ALPRO504070mkm*50mm*40m 48SOLVENTindustrial-engineering class 
ALPRO505070mkm*50mm*50m 48SOLVENTindustrial-engineering class 
ALISO501570mkm*50mm*15m 48SOLVENTrepair and mounting


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