Aluminum tape

Aluminum tape

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Aluminium film

Aluminum tape is a material based on the foil, on one side of which a special rubber glue is applied. This product possesses a high level of reflection of thermal radiation and UV rays, thus aluminum tape is often used in the repair of thermal insulation equipment and systems. Adhesive tape based on aluminum foil found its application in the construction and installation works. The rubber adhesive basis has special properties and is able to serve fully even at very high temperature conditions (up to 350 °C) for many years.

Due to the fact that the aluminum layer has reflective properties, such tape is indispensable during repair works and for the manufacture of insulation systems. Aluminum adhesive tape is used in the industry for the creation and restoration of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Foil as basic element of this product has an excellent moisture resistance, insulation and sealing against external aggressions.

The unique combination of aluminum and rubber allows using the tape for repair and manufacture of plumbing systems, air and heat conductors. Aluminum tape is used in a room with high humidity, so you can eliminate the possibility of water splashing on important and at the same time dangerous to human life elements. Moreover, this product is often used for the manufacture of household appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, etc.

This material possesses improved characteristics:

  • resists corrosion formation
  • durable;
  • is able to withstand a wide temperature range;
  • excellent adhesion to a surface, the maximum temperature which can range up to + 130 °C;
  • has good wear resistance;
  • during outdoor works does not loss its characteristics for many years;
  • has high fire resistance and resistance to the effects of chemically aggressive agents.

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Aluminum tape

ALT 40540mkm*50mm*5m48SOLVENT


ALT 404040mkm*50mm*40m36SOLVENT


ALT 501050mkm*50mm*10m24SOLVENT


ALT 502550mkm*50mm*25m24SOLVENT




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