Fiberglass reinforced tape

Fiberglass reinforced tape

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Fiberglass reinforced tape

Fiberglass reinforced tape is considered as one of the most durable packing materials. Because it has excellent resistance to mechanical stress, it can be used in places where there is no possibility to use another type of packing material. On top of that, the tape, unlike the wire, during the packing leaves no visible defects. Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tape is perfect for fixing volume cargo. And because this material has high strength properties, the adhesive tape of this type is often used to connect objects in a bundle.

Thus, based on the practices such special material is not only suitable as packing material. Fiberglass reinforced tape is an excellent fastening material with an extensive area of application. This adhesive tape can be used for the arrangement of suspended structures, performance clips. One of the most important areas of application of fiberglass reinforced tape is construction, installation and commissioning and maintenance of ventilation and plumbing systems.

Fiberglass reinforced tape benefits:

  • due to fiberglass, provides reliable protection against mechanical damages;
  • tape possesses dielectric properties, which is why it can be used as an insulator;
  • has high strength characteristics;
  • practically is not subjected to tension;
  • can be used with both low and high temperatures;
  • adhesive layer is made of synthetic rubber, whereby good adhesion is provided with different kind of materials.

Our company offers a wide range of adhesive tapes, among which you will find: reinforced and aluminum tapes, all kinds of tapes and so on. Here you can buy multifunctional materials, which are widely used for goods packing and as fasteners in the construction field. The pricing policy of our company will not limit you in choosing!

GLUE COMPOSITION: Based on synthetic rubber HOT MELT

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 GT2520280mkm * 25mm * 20m 48 -to group and tie very heavy loads
 GT5020280mkm * 50mm * 20m 48 -

to group and tie very heavy loads

Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.