Reinforced household tape

Reinforced household tape

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Reinforced household tape

Household reinforced tape is an adhesive base composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), reinforced with fabric fibers, special polyethylene, adhesive layer based on synthetic rubber. Due to the polyethylene coating, household reinforced adhesive tape is characterized by high water resistance, and therefore it can be easily used for sealing joints of pipes, joints, cracks, plumbing systems, panels, casings, etc.

Because reinforced household tape possesses high strength characteristics, as well as has a good adhesiveness, it can be used as a packing material for sealing large weight shipping boxes.

Household reinforced tape can be used:

  • as an insulating material when working with electrical wiring;
  • for the restoration of objects on the basis of metal and plastic;
  • as a packing material for goods, with small and heavy weight;
  • for the restoration of garden and construction equipment;
  • for the repair of rubber and plastic products;
  • as gluing basis for the repair of all kinds of household items;
  • during installation and construction works.

Regarding the advantages of this adhesive tape, the major ones include:

  • maximum adhesion to the surfaces of any configuration;
  • wear resistance to tearing;
  • does not stretch and deform;
  • moisture resistant, prevents the penetration of oil and grease under cover;
  • has the ability to reflect ultraviolet rays;
  • protects the material from external aggressions;
  • has a flexible basis and contains no solvents.

Another important advantage of the household reinforced adhesive tape is low cost. In our company, you are able to order not only the tape, but also still a lot of other high-quality materials that find their application both in everyday life and in the industrial sector. And thanks to the fact that we are engaged in manufacturing and sales, you can not only save time but also save money. You deserve only the best!

GLUE COMPOSITION: Based on synthetic rubber HOT MELT

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Reinforced HOUSEHOLD tape

DTX5010190mkm * 50mm * 10m  4835MESH

for household needs

DTX5020190mkm * 50mm * 20m 4835MESH

for household needs

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