Professional reinforced tape

Professional reinforced tape

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Professional reinforced tape

Professional reinforced tape is an indispensable tool, both for construction and for installation works. The basis of this product is polyester fabric with reinforced structure, which is applied on top of a thin plastic layer, providing protection from moisture. Reinforced tape adhesive basis is a synthetic rubber, through which tape is adhered well to practically all types of surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.

Professional tape is widely used as a packing material reliably protecting cargoes, whether light or heavy, from falls and offsets. Because the tape has high strength characteristics, such material is often used for control sealing of goods, since to open the goods without tearing the tape is not possible.

It also can be used in everyday life application. With the help of a professional reinforced tape one can repair rubber hoses, covering film, garden and household tools, and more.

However, most often this reinforced tape is used as building or installation material. It is excellent for sealing of sanitary systems and ventilation pipes, fixing and bonding of all kinds of objects that undergo heavy loads. In addition, reinforced adhesive tape is widely used in automobile, mechanical engineering, metal and wood industry, as well as for manufacturing of furniture and electronics.

Advantages of this product:

  • suitable both for internal and for external works;
  • has high strength characteristics, adhesiveness and water resistance;
  • one can easily tear off the tape without using foreign objects;
  • tape can withstand UV rays and temperature extremes;
  • durable.

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GLUE COMPOSITION: Based on synthetic rubber HOT MELT


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PROFESSIONAL Reinforced tape

DTP5025230mkm * 50mm * 25m 4870MESHprofessional
DTP5050230mkm * 50mm * 50m 4870MESHprofessional


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