Thread seal tape

Thread seal tape

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Thread seal tape

Thread seal tape is a thin durable seal synthetic material to seal plumbing systems. Because the composition of this product includes fluorine, it has quite high mechanical and thermal wear resistant characteristics. The tape is not subjected to aging, hardly breaks when stretched and does not lose its properties under the exposure to harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

The main purpose of the thread seal tape is the sealing of threaded, flanged and nipple connections in industrial piping systems, networks, hot and cold running water pipes. In addition, this material is often used as a sealant in various engineering units, which operate under pressure (not more than 9.8 MPa).

Thread seal tape benefits:

  • high performance characteristics;
  • plasticity;
  • product does not contain toxic substances;
  • good strength characteristics;
  • ability to withstand aggressive chemicals;
  • good thermal stability;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • extended range of operating conditions;
  • maximum allowable pressure - up to 41.2 MPa;
  • operating temperature range from -60 °C to + 200 °C;
  • ability to repel moisture, oil and grease;
  • resistant to UV rays and abrasion;
  • maximum adhesion with the surrounding surfaces.

Because the tape auto-ignition temperature reaches 520 °C, it easily can be attributed to the group of hard flammable and non-explosive materials. But if it is subjected to heating at a temperature above 260 °C, then it will begin to emit volatile fluorine compounds, which, in turn, are very dangerous for human health.

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Thread seal tape

    ST481048mm * 10m 48SOLVENT

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