PVC adhesive tape

PVC adhesive tape

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PVC adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is one of a packaging material range item, which has as its primary duty to provide sealing and insulating of the objects and components from various environmental factors which can cause some malfunction of certain objects. These can be sunlight, humidity, weak salt solutions and solvents. Moreover, with the help of such an item it is possible to isolate the bare wires (wires, cables, tires etc.) and conductive components against accidental contact by a person, so that one can avoid not only electrical interlocking, but also injury-risk situations.

Isolating adhesive tape represents such a material as polyvinyl chloride, to one side of which an adhesive layer of artificial rubber is applied, which in its turn provides the maximum adhesion of the tape to the surface. Neither rubber not polyvinyl chloride are hazardous substances, thus the PVC adhesive tape is considered to be one of the safest expendable materials.

The advantages of the PVC adhesive tape:

• High performance characteristics;

• wide temperature range (from -50°С up to +80°С);

• elasticity up to 150%;

• waterproofing;

• breakdown potential – more than 6000V;

• fire retardant (on spontaneous combustion the tape independently dies out within 5 secs); 

• possesses good dielectric and hermetic properties;

• durability.

Primarily, the adhesive polyvinyl chloride tape will perfectly suit for everybody, because it is quite easy in use (it perfectly rolls, stretches when needed, isn’t sticky etc.)

Our company will provide you with not only a wide range of isolating adhesive tapes, but also with packaging and expandable materials which are being used both in household and industrial needs. Moreover, all the production manufactured by our company, is of excellent quality and for a reasonable price!



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PVC adhesive tape

IT1510150mkm*15mm*10500blue / black
IT1520150mkm*15mm*20 300blue / black
IT1530150mkm*15mm*30  240blue / black
IT1540150mkm*15mm*40 200blue / black
IT1910150mkm*19mm*10  500blue / black
IT1920150mkm*19mm*20 300blue / black
IT1930150mkm*19mm*30 240blue / black
IT1520MIX150mkm*15mm*20 300rainbow


Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.