Masking tape

Masking tape

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Masking tape

Masking tape represents a paper-based scotch. On the one side of the item a special adhesive compound is applied, while a firm paper base secures the surface against the corrosive substances. Due to the presence of artificial rubber in its adhesive base, this material possesses high adhesive performance, but despite that, the product can be easily removed, without any damage to the surface.

The tape has a sufficiently thick structure, and consequently it can be removed manually without using any accessory equipment.

The tape on a corrugated paper is being widely used in painting and plastering works. Using this item you will be able to:

• protect surfaces (fittings, base boards, glass), constructions (window units, doors) and other types of surface against all sorts of construction wastes, dyes, plaster, coatings, foam installations and other substances which can spoil the appearance of products;

• chalk a seam line between different tones of colouration while using two or more colors on the same surface;

• attach various canting angle to the decorative coloring lines of surfaces in the premises;

• obtain a sharply defined jointing between the two surfaces at different angles (for example, between the ceiling and wall) in the process of paint works;

• protect window and door units from falling plaster mixing during the preparatory construction work;

• seal the cracks.

Moreover, the masking tape can be used for restoring the books and other paper items, as well as to hold fix various objects for a certain period of time. Another benefit of such a material: it perfectly suits to write down any information you need (for example, the size, telephone number etc.) if there is no paper at your fingertips.

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Masking tape

M192019mm*2072whiteHOT MELT
M252025mm*2054whiteHOT MELT
M302030mm*2048whiteHOT MELT
M382038mm*2048whiteHOT MELT
M482048mm*20 36whiteHOT MELT
M483048mm*3036whiteHOT MELT
М484048mm*4036whiteHOT MELT
PMT482048mm*20 (decor) NEW36yellowHOT MELT

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