Polypropylene double-sided adhesive tape

Polypropylene double-sided adhesive tape

Polypropylene double-sided adhesive tape represents a tape, on both sides of which an adhesive layer is applied, which in its turn, is securely protected by a paper stip. Because of a wide range of variations of the double –sided adhesive tape involving all sorts of performance characteristics, the customers are provided with an opportunity to choose the best materials for the tasks of different kinds.

Universal double-sided adhesive tape designed for an effective fixation of the fitted carpet and other floor coverings, as well as for the broadest spectrum of other types of exterior and interior works, including:

• production and mounting of printing items and advertisement mediums;

• manufacturing and various furniture items assembly;

• construction, mounting and finishing works;

• adhering of the surfaces, which are not subject to intensive mechanical loading;

• fixation of all kinds of components, elements and construction parts, both horizontal and vertical;

• and much more.

Double-sided adhesive tape does possess a wide range of advantages among which we can distinguish the following:

• high humidity, fat and oil resistance;

• due to the fact that the scotch is covered by an adhesive layer made of artificial rubber, we are provided with a maximum adhesion with the surrounding surfaces;

• ease of use;

• high strength properties

• durability.

Double-sided polypropylene scotch, which is on sale by our company right now, will ensure you with convenience and safety during various types of work.

This material is being used by a majority of professional mounter and builders that only indicate the high quality of this item.

We provide you with a wide range of packaging materials, either for household or industrial usage.

Our staff members always are pleased to help you in choosing the right expendable, which will perfectly suit to perform the tasks set by you.  Save your money by choosing our company and our products in a very nice price!

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Polypropylene double-sided adhesive tape ​


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