Fabric-backed double-sided adhesive tape

Fabric-backed double-sided adhesive tape

Are you looking for an adhesive tape with raised resistance characteristics and improved stretchability? Tired of using poor quality packaging? Well, then the fabric backed doubled-sided adhesive tape is what you need. This product provides the optimal option for the cases, when there is need for an effective fixation of abrasive and rough surfaces.

Double-sided adhesive tape is a polyester fabric on both sides of which an adhesive layer is applied. Such type of packaging is considered one of the most durable double-sided adhesive tapes due to its ability to withstand large loads for peel and tear. These are the characteristics that made this item popular for both industrial and household use.

Fabric-backed double-sided adhesive tape can be used for gluing items made of glass, paper, cardboard, wood and plastic. Moreover, this material is widely used in printing, construction and machine industries, as well as in garment sector and auto industry.

Frequently, a scotch of such quality is finding application in production and mounting of advertisement mediums, during carrying out design works and in the process of production and reconstruction of furniture.

 Advantages of the Fabric-backed double-sided adhesive tape:

• the adhesive agent of the product comprises of synthetic rubber which provides a strong grip with any kinds of surface, both horizontal and vertical;

• while using the product, no shift may occur, thus making the work with the item as comfortable as possible;

• there is no harmful impurities in its contents, that’s why working with such an item represents health and safe process;

• the material is characterized by high mechanical strength;

• ensuring of the best adhesive characteristics;

• a siliconized paper provides this adhesive tape with effective protection against humidity, fat and oil;

• durability;

• the scotch is used both for interior and exterior works.

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Fabric-backed double-sided adhesive tape

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DCT5025250mkm*50mm*25m36whiteHOT MELT

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