Double-sided acrylic duct tape

Double-sided acrylic duct tape

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Double-sided acrylic duct tape

Double-sided acrylic duct tape is a prominent representative of a new class of industrial double-sided sticky tapes. Thank to this consumable material now you can ensure reliable and sustained fixation of products in various conditions.

The basis for double-sided tape is an absolutely transparent acrylic fiber on both sides of which there is deposited a Glue composition of synthetic rubber ensuring maximal adjacency to surfaces of any configuration.

With the help of this product you can glue together objects with non-uniform structure:

  • plastic;
  • metal and wooden objects;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • acrylic glass;
  • cardboard and paper products;
  • constructions with transparent structure.

Moreover, due to double-sided sticky tape you can fix objects of different material type. For example, metal and glass products or cardboard+glass.

A consumable material with unique composition has a lot of advantages such as:

  • due to its high strength properties together with elastic structure it can reduce mechanical stress of the elements to be glued;
  • high ability to resist humid, water, fat and oil.
  • ability to reflect ultraviolet rays;
  • ensure reliable protection of the objects to be glued against aggressive external factors;
  • the material does not include harmful contaminants so working with double-sided acrylic duct tape is safety for health;
  • it endures well atmospheric actions so the sticky tape can be used not only for internal works but also for external;
  • durability.

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Double-sided acrylic duct tape

    HDB155 15мм*5м  24 Acrylate HD

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