Thin double-sided tape

Thin double-sided tape

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Thin double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is an irreplaceable component of the toolkit for most professional builders, mounter and other workers of the industry. This product is manufactured on the basis of polypropylene on both sides of which there is deposited a Glue composition and the tape itself is covered by paper with silicone saturation ensuring this material with reliable protection against foreign substances and objects causing deterioration of operational properties of the product.

Double-sided tapes found their application not only in everyday life but also in many manufacturing sectors. With the help of this packing material you can assemble, stick together, pack, seal and decorate outlets, exhibition modules, floor coatings and many other things.

During mounting works and repairs that is right this type of tape with double-sided deposition of the Glue composition will be suitable for connection of various elements of simple materials. This product is characterized with high strength properties due to which you can solve various objectives and its cost is a few times lower then the cost of other products with similar properties.

Advantages of thin double-sided tape:

  • high adhesive properties, ensuring maximal gluing of surfaces with any type of configuration;
  • comfortable operation;
  • reliable binding in both horizontal and vertical plane;
  • usability;
  • versatility.

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Thin double-sided tape

ATD1210 70mm*12mm*10m 192 transparent base, white liner HOT MELT
ATD2010 70mm*20mm*10m 192 transparent base, white liner HOT MELT
ATD2410 70mm*24mm*10m 144 transparent base, white liner HOT MELT
ATD4510 70mm*45mm*10m 72 transparent base, white liner HOT MELT
ATD4520 70mm*45mm*20m 72 transparent base, white liner HOT MELT


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