Stationery scotch

Stationery scotch

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Stationery scotch

Do you think that a primitive packing tape can replace a versatile stationary scotch? You are vastly mistaken! Of course, adhesive properties are required for both scotch and packing tape. However, if for the first product it is important to have strength properties, then stationery scotch is valued for its transparency.

This kind of sticky tape is manufactured on the basis of polypropylene on one side of which is deposited acrylic Glue composition. Tape that is used for manufacturing of the consumable material has high transparency properties due to which this product becomes almost invisible on paper products and many other objects.

Versatile stationary scotch which you can order right now in our company found its application in solving many problems as follows:

  • restoration of paper, cardboard and other products;
  • packing of documents in order to ensure reliable protection against various factors;
  • manufacturing and fixation of various data carriers;
  • decorative design of presents, bunches of flowers and so on;
  • packing of low weight cargoes.

As for advantages of the consumable material, we can designate as follows:

  • perfect adhesive properties ensuring maximal contact of surfaces with any configuration in both horizontal and vertical plane;
  • high strength properties;
  • sustainability to impact of heavy external factors;
  • ease and comfort of operation;
  • reliable protection of documents against humid, fat, oil and deformation;
  • low cost comparing to the products of the identical characteristics.

In our company you may buy not only stationery scotch of various configurations but also a lot of various packing materials which are notable for high quality attributes. Don't waste your time on going shopping searching the product you need, save your time and money, order products in our company at very favorable prices!



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Temperature conditions

Stationery tape

ATS1220 40mm*12mm*20  720 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS1820 40mm*18mm*20  480 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS2420 40mm*24mm*20  360 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS1230 40mm*12mm*30  720 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS1830 40mm*18mm*30  480 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS2430 40mm*24mm*30  360 Transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
ATS1240 40mm*12mm*40  720 Transparent ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45
ATS1840 40mm*18mm*40 480 Transparent ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45
ATS2440 40mm*24mm*40 360 Transparent ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45


Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.