Packing duct tape with logo

Packing duct tape with logo

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Packing duct tape with logo

If you want to break into of your brand, specialty or just to notice everybody about something without spending much finances, use the duct tape with logo which can become not only an economical solution of the problem but it can also efficiently attract attention of publicity. At that, this product is not only a promotional attribute but also a reliable packing material.

This packing material is manufactured on the basis of polypropylene tape on which the inter-layer substance is deposited. Due to such a method of depositing a logo there are ensured high operational characteristics of the product. Onto top of the printed text there can be placed a glued basis which has high adhesive properties.

Areas of application for the consumable material:

  • creation of exclusive packing;
  • brand promotion;
  • supplemental information source;
  • gluing of stands and stacks in the places of promotion;
  • identification of original products and protection against fake.

Advantages of the packing sticky tape with logo:

  • resistance of humid, fat, oil and other sources of environment which can break entirety of the packed object;
  • high strength properties;
  • ease and comfort of operation;
  • high adhesive properties, ensuring maximal gluing of surfaces with any type of configuration;
  • reliable protection of the packed products against "early" opening (unpacking without breaking entirety of the sticky tape is impossible);
  • facilitating of the product identification;
  • low self-cost comparing to the products of the identical characteristics;
  • durability.

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Packing duct tape with logo

ATP66 40mm*45mm*66m Offer!  72 ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45

Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.