Colored packing duct tape

Colored packing duct tape

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Colored packing duct tape

Ensuring of reliable fixation for cargoes is a very important component of the packing process but labeling is not less important. Nowadays there are very many methods of labeling but the most wide spread one is application of colored packing duct tape. This product can not only facilitate good packing but it can also help in following determining of belonging of cargo to this or that group.

Colored packing duct tape has a biaxial oriented polypropylene basis on which a versatile glue substance with high adhesive qualities is deposited. This product can be used both while manual operation and using a dispenser.

This consumable material is widely used for solving the following tasks:

  • packing and labeling of cargoes of medium weight before shipment to the customer;
  • connection and stabilization of several cargoes for ensuring density while transporting;
  • organization of accounting for various goods by designation and type at manufacturing facility, at outlets, offices and warehouses;
  • decorative packing for goods;
  • labeling in common purposes.

Packing duct tape has a wide range of shades: red, yellow, blue, orange, black, brown and green. Due to this feature the customer can choose by what colour he will label this or that product without confusing it with other products.

Advantages of colored sticky tape:

  • ensuring of safety for the packed cargo;
  • high strength properties;
  • perfect adhesive properties ensuring maximal contact of surfaces with any configuration in both horizontal and vertical plane;
  • ensuring of safety for the packed product;
  • resistance to low and high temperature mode;
  • sustainability to impact of unfavorable weather conditions;
  • saturation and diversity of colors;
  • ease of operation;
  • durability.

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Tapes can be manufactured in the following colors:


      Red        Yellow        Blue        Orange               


               Black        Brown        Green


 Product item
Number of pieces / boxes
 Glue composition
Temperature conditions

Colored packing tape 

ATC100 40mm*45mm*100 72 ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45
ATC200 40mm*45mm*200 48 ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45
ATC300 40mm*45mm*300 36 ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45
ATR100 40mm*45mm*100 Rainbow 72 ACRYLIC BOPP -10…+45

Our company has a possibility of manufacturing products of any other typical size, colour range and characteristics optionally for customer.