Transparent packing duct tape

Transparent packing duct tape

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Transparent packing duct tape

Transparent packing duct tape is a sticky tape with large application area, as in everyday life as in production needs. This packing material is manufactured on the basis of biaxially-oriented polypropylene which has high strength characteristics with a forced glue layer from one side ensuring maximal adjacency of surfaces with any configuration both in horizontal and vertical plane.

This type of duct tape is the most reliable and practical material for packing boxes of cardboard. Using of transparent sticky tape allows accelerate significantly and minimize packing process, avoiding damaging of the objects as well as facilitating loading works and transporting.

This packing material is widely used in alimentary and chemical industry while manufacturing and assembling furniture as well as in many other areas of activity.

Advantages of transparent packing duct tape are as follows:

1. Wide range of operation temperature. Sticky tape of this type can be used both in hot and steady cold weather.

2.This consumable material can serve you during many years.

3.Ability to resist humid, fat and oil. Very often while transporting cargoes they come under influence of external factors. And due to versatile polypropylene basis this product can protect safely packed goods against impurities.

4.High adhesive characteristics.

5.Low cost comparing to the products of the identical characteristics.

You can buy versatile packing duct tape everywhere. However, you can buy a cheap and at the same time high-quality product in every shop. And if you are looking for this type of sticky tape our company is at your disposal. We have a wide range of packing materials which have high operational characteristics. A very important criterion for us is a perfect balance of price and quality of products which you can easily find on our web-site. You are worth of only the best!


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Number of pieces / boxes
Glue composition
Temperature conditions

Transparent packing duct tape

AT30 40mkm*45mm*30 72 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT50 40mkm*45mm*50 72 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT100 40mkm*45mm*100 72 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT200 40mkm*45mm*200 48 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
АТ250 40mkm*45mm*250 48 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT300 40mkm*45mm*300 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT400 40mkm*45mm*400 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT500 40mkm*45mm*500 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT600 40mkm*45mm*600 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT700 40mkm*45mm*700 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT800 40mkm*45mm*800 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45
AT1000 40mkm*45mm*1000 36 transparent ACRYLIC ВОРР -10…+45



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